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Eat healthy and take a piece of nature with you when you return home!

Enjoy our fresh, free-range eggs and organic vegetables at Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch while staying! All natural grass-fed beef and lamb raised at our Colorado ranch are available for purchase.  Our beef and lamb are certified by Animal Welfare Approved and grass-fed certified by A Greener World.

Recipes by Cara

I met Ming and Gary at the Telluride Farmers’ Market.

Ming and Gary are charismatic – Ming is petite and lively, easy to laugh, immensely likable. So when friends invited us to spend a couple nights at Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch, we were excited and curious. Canyon of the Ancients is a magical place where we’ve loved hiking for 25 years.

The ranch is magical, too. Sprinkled with Anasazi treasures, Garry is charming, touring in an ATV explaining about the Edibles and the Incredibles, herds of Native American Churro sheep, two of whom – Natasha and Boris – come running when their names are called. Boris jumps into the ATV and Gary continues the tour as if it it’s an everyday thing, and it is. They love their animals and they honor their animals for providing meat for them.

That sealed it: I am a huge fan of Ming, Garry and Canyon of the Ancients’ tasty meats…!

We offer organically raised grass-fed beef, lamb, free range chicken eggs, vegetables and fruit.

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