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Lodging at The Ranch

Cowboy Log Cabin

A cozy and charming little cabin close to Canyons of the Ancients National Monument is perfect for a couple.

It has a beautiful queen-size bed, a leather rocking chair, an antique dresser, and kitchen cabinet. A pebble stone shower and a well-equipped kitchenette so you can easily cook your meal while enjoying the ranch lifestyle.

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Starting from $220 per night

Elden Stone House

This 3-bedroom historical home can comfortably accommodate 4-5 people.
Built in 1880, the Elden Stone House housed a legendary cowboy, Elden Zwicker, he, and his family was featured in the documentary film “American Cowboys” in 1996. It has been fully renovated with beautiful southwest deco and update amenities. The outdoor patio with a hammock is the perfect spot for your morning coffee, afternoon sip while listening to birds singing, watching sheep grazing on the green pasture and enjoying the beautiful golden sunset shining to the Sleeping Ute Mountain.

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Starting at $375 per night

Ranch House

The Ranch House is the biggest unit on the Ranch. This 4-bedroom/2 baths house can comfortably accommodate 8 people. Ideal for family reunions, small workshops, retreats, or even wedding parties.

It has a big entertainment room and the most spacious kitchen and living room/dining room area. Whether you are out on the covered porch lounging on the swing or relaxing in the big sunroom/entertainment room admiring the great view of the Ranch’s pasture, you’ll surely enjoy your time at the Ranch House.

As you walk through the house, you’ll notice the beautiful Saltillo floor, a wide variety of family antiques, and an eclectic mix of furniture from all over the world. The dining table brings historical authenticity to the Ranch House. During the 1860’s, General Grant and President Lincoln dined on this very table with Garry’s great grandfather, Col. Alfred Wagstaff at their home in Long Island, NY.

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Starting from $550 per night

Wagstaff Cabin (2-level)

Wagstaff Cabin was featured on “Barnwood Builders”, with its two bedrooms/1 bath set up, it remains one of our most popular cabins for couples or small families. It is an Appalachian-style 2-level structure built with logs over 200 years old from West Virginia makes this cabin a literal piece of history!

The spacious deck provides breathtaking views as well as the ability to dine outside. The interior has a fusion of cowboy and Native Indian decorations that gives a true southwestern feel. It is also a great winter getaway with the authentic-ruin-rock fireplace and the in-floor radiant heating that gives so much comfort on your feet.

Nestled a little further in on the Ranch, Wagstaff Cabin will surpass all your modern needs leaving you completely immersed in peaceful and picturesque location.

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Starting from $390 per night

Quasi Lookout

Quasi Lookout is a cabin where you can enjoy watching our “Incredible Non-Edible Pet Sheep Group.” It features one bedroom and one bathroom, a full kitchen, and a beautiful wrap-around porch that offers comfortable outdoor seating with views of the pasture and mountains. It can accommodate up to 2-3 people, making it great for a couple with a young child.

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Starting from $290 per night

Dwellings at Sky Village

Sky Kiva (open floor plan)

With its open floor concept and a king bed, Sky Kiva is ideal for a couple!
Nestled within the serene expanse of the Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch lies Sky Kiva, one of two newly crafted dwellings that beckon travelers seeking a unique and intimate getaway. Drawing inspiration from the rich architectural heritage of the Four Corners Region, this studio-style kiva is a harmonious blend of ancient civilization aesthetics and modern comforts.

As you step inside, you’re welcomed into a mesmerizing circular kiva chamber boasting 20-foot-high ceilings. The room’s enchanting acoustics create a sanctuary perfect for meditation, yoga, or simply unwinding from the world. Venture further to discover an inviting open floor plan, complete with a fully equipped kitchen, cozy dinette, warming fireplace, and a plush king-sized bed with organic linen to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

The magic doesn’t end indoors. Step outside to be greeted by the majestic Eagle Dancer statue, standing as a sentinel to the awe-inspiring views of Sleeping Ute Mountain. From the picture window or the intimate back porch, let your eyes feast on the panoramic vistas that stretch out before you.

Secluded and perfect for couples, Sky Kiva offers not just a stay, but an experience. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the desert and let the echoes of ancient civilizations whisper tales of old as you relax and rejuvenate.

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Starting from $475 per night

Star Tower (2 level)

Star Tower is a bespoke two-level dwelling, ideally suited for 1-3 adults.
Its spacious space is enhanced by contemporary appliances and unique southwest style décor that fits right in with the overall ecosystem.

On the first level – A big boulder is incorporated into the living room on the first floor. The main bathroom’s is illuminated with petroglyph designs lighting, with a unique petrified wood wash basin. For parties of three, a cozy twin bed is nestled in a quaint nook. The unique screen door of petroglyph panel design leads you the outdoor patio where you can relax on a hammock or prepare food on a Weber BBQ.

The upper level houses a serene reading area with a big window looking at the sandstone hillside, a private bedroom with a Queen bed, and an adjoining half bath with the same design concept. The best part will be the deck outside the main bedroom. A private yet open space for star gazing in the night and sip your coffee or your favorite beverage during the day.

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Starting from $475 per night

Additional Information

Free Range Meat & Eggs
We love to share the delicious chicken eggs with guests. You’ll find some complimentary eggs in the fridge. We also have our grassfed, organically raised beef or lamb (in frozen packages) available for your taste buds. Please email/call us before arrival if interested. Our meats are certified by Animals Welfare Approved and Grassfed by A Greener World.

Internet access is complimentary; service may be limited during bad weather or peak time

Water Conservation appreciated
In the American West, water is precious, if you could please practice water conservation that would really help.

Check in: after 4pm
Check Out: before 11am
We’d be happy to accommodate early check-in or late check-out if there is no party before or after your reservation. We’d appreciate your understanding and patience that in some situations we do need more time to organize/clean the guesthouses so it will be hard to accommodate early check-in or late check-out.

When check out, if you don’t mind helping us load/start the dishwasher, and start a load of towels in the washer that will help us tremendously to speed up the process.

Pet Policy – Pet is only allowed on the Ranch side

  • Pet fee: $25/pet/night+tax, max: 2 dogs per unit.
  • Please keep your dog on leash while outside. We have free range chickens, sheep, cows, dogs and cats that tend to excite our canine guests.
  • Please bring a bed/kennel for your dog as sleeping on guest beds or using the towel/blankets/sheets in the guest houses is not allowed. There is an extra $250 fee for breaking this policy if the extra fir/hairs found on the bedding/furniture.
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